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In 2006, the delightful journey of XOCODIVA began in the coastal Mexican paradise of Puerto Vallarta!

Our passion for crafting exceptional chocolates led us to source the finest cacao from various corners of the world, including Mexico, Peru, and other countries. This carefully selected cacao is then processed and shipped to Belgium, renowned for producing the world's highest quality chocolate since the 17th century. At XOCODIVA, we proudly utilize a 73% cacao dark chocolate and a luscious 33% cacao milk chocolate.

Over the years, our dedication to maintaining unparalleled quality remains unwavering. While upholding tradition, we continually innovate, crafting new and distinctive flavors that tantalize the taste buds. Don't hesitate to inquire about our latest creations with the help of our amazing team members!

At XOCODIVA, every product is meticulously developed and handcrafted in small batches. The love for chocolate is evident in all that we create!

Each truffle that emerges from our kitchen is a work of art. We take pride in tempering, hand-painting, and meticulously decorating each piece with 100% natural cocoa butter and exquisite embellishments. From 11 to 21 intricate steps go into the making of each luxurious treat before it's ready to bring you joy!

Our commitment to using only natural ingredients shines through in every product and whenever possible, we source locally, ensuring our chocolates are preservative-free and purely natural. And, as a delightful addition, we also create our own in-house limoncello liqueur for an exceptional experience!

Welcome to the world of XOCODIVA, where our passion and dedication blend to bring you a truly world-class chocolate experience. Savor the artistry, taste the devotion, and indulge in the pleasure of our handcrafted creations!



Early September we will be opening the doors to the sweetest new place in Guanajuato Centro!

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