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You will find our XOCODIVA Café (combined with a stunning boutique by local designer - Chantel Vintage Spoon Jewelery) at Aquiles Serdán 369 in Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta.


It's exquisitely decorated, has a great menu of food and drinks plus outstanding coffee, and of course, our indulgent chocolates to experience!

Our coffee is organic, it is grown and roasted by a local family and is an exclusive XOCODIVA blend. Our reviews often mention that we have the best coffee in Puerto Vallarta!


You can also peek in on our full view production kitchen (located across the road from our cafe) and see for yourself just what goes into the chocolate making process.


We invite you to come and spend some time in our cafe - do some work, meet a friend, read a book and have a classic, chai or Nutella frappe accompanied by a delicious lunch and obviously to top off your visit, finish with some of our indulgent chocolate!

PV Menu



We are open 7 days - 8am to 4pm



Each truffle has a unique blend of flavors combining to create the ultimate bite of pure happiness!

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