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Our delightful collection of chocolate is meticulously handcrafted daily, embodying the essence of 'Fine Artisan Belgian Chocolate'.

How did we come up with the name XOCODIVA? Xoco is from Xocatl (the first known chocolate, which was a sipping chocolate in the Mayan culture)  Diva means god, or deity. Our chocolate is Food of the Gods!

When was XOCODIVA started? XOCODIVA embarked on its journey of crafting luxurious chocolates in 2006 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and has been delighting taste buds ever since!


What kind of chocolate is it? Is it Mexican chocolate?  Where do you get your chocolate? The cacao bean is sourced in Mexico, Brazil & Peru. It's then sent to Belgium where it’s processed (as only chocolate processed in Belgium can be called Belgium chocolate) and as Europe has the best way to process in the world.


We then we ship the chocolate back to Puerto Vallarta, where each day our talented team turn it into incredible XOCODIVA pieces.


Our entire collection of incredible pieces are made from premium Belgium chocolate and contain no wax, artificial additives or preservatives.

Copy of Xoco cafe - luis.HEIC

Are you a franchise? No we are not a franchise and unfortunately for our international chocolate lovers, you can only experience XOCODIVA chocolate at our locations in Mexico (unless you're the lucky recipient of a gift bought for you in Mexico!)

What is used to paint our chocolate? Our chocolate is carefully coated with cacao butter, derived from the cacao bean itself. Just like all our products, cacao butter is a natural ingredient, ensuring no alteration in flavor or texture.


What does tempering chocolate entail? Tempering chocolate is a meticulous process aimed at achieving a glossy finish, satisfying snap, and delightful mouthfeel. This technique involves carefully adjusting the chocolate's temperature multiple times, which helps break down the naturally occurring crystals. Chocolate is highly sensitive to factors such as temperature, humidity, and even aromas.


Is your chocolate gluten free? Yes, the only gluten found in our collection are those in pieces containing pretzels. *please note - we are not a gluten free or nut free kitchen.


Is your chocolate vegan? Any of our dark and solid pieces are dairy free, our dark chocolate barks (except Rocky Road & Peanut Butter Crunch), are also dairy free.


I would like to buy your chocolate wholesale, how do I do that? Please contact us through the form at the bottom of this page.



Give the gift of world class XOCODIVA chocolate, sure to leave a lasting impression!

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